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Feature: 2015 International CES shows tech's human-centric side   2015-01-07 17:54:39

By Xue Ying, Zhang Chaoqun and Tao Yuan

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- The hottest topic at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opening on Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the "Internet of Things (IoT)," which means connecting everyday items to networked devices and smartphones for greater control and management of our everyday lives.

But, is that only about "things" like cars, home security systems and kitchen appliances? Definitely not. At the core of the issue is human.

Samsung Electronics CEO B.K. Yoon said in his keynote speech that the Internet of Things may be high tech but needs to be human-centric to succeed.

"We don't want to require consumers to adapt new behaviors or habits. This is something that will be naturally integrated into the everyday lives of consumers," he said.

The smart home is expected to be a key component of the IoT with analysts projecting that the IoT market could run into billions of dollars globally by 2020.

A survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Parks Associate found that 13 percent of broadband households already own at least one smart home device, and 20 percent of households with broadband intend to have one or more smart home devices within the next year. An estimated 20.7 million smart home devices were sold in 2014, according to CEA.

IGOO smart lamp is a kind of white floor lamp with modern elegant curve shape. Its 4-color multi-point LED flooding combined with music creates "lightsong" experience which helps people to relax and feel happy. The lamp's smart control can connect the Internet via Wi-Fi, through which users can purchase music and software in Lightsong Store and IGOO app store.

"The world of lamp is no longer in the Thomas Edison Era," said Ms. Yuan who visited the IGOO booth at CES. "Traditional bulb lamp will soon become outdated and smart lamps will be more and more popular - putting aside their more functions, at least you do not need to change a bulb," she said.

The smart lamp is just a small example of the big whole trend. Many products exhibited at the CES have human-centric characters. According to the CEA, organizer of the CES, more than 900 exhibitors show their IoT products, technologies and services, making the 2015 CES the largest ever showcase of IoT innovations.

TV screens are getting larger, even curved, and telecommunication speed is getting faster. You do not need to carry a phone or some other electronic devices in hand, as there are wearables. And you do not need even drive a car as sensors and navigation systems will let it go and stop.

Walking in the 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space and passing by the 3,600 exhibitor booths, you will find that everything goes "smart." However, it is human, the consumers, that judge what is smart or not.

Editor: Luan

2015年国际消费电子展(CES)于1月6日星期二美国内华达州的拉斯维加斯拉开帷幕。本届CES最热话题是“物联网”(“Internet of Things”),意思是将日常设备与网络设备和智能手机连接起来从而实现对日常生活更强大的控制和管理。


三星电子的CEO B.K. Yoon在其关于keynote的演讲中说到,物联网也许可称为高科技,但是必须以人为核心才能获得成功。

“我们不希望增加或改变消费者的行为习惯,而是自然融入到消费者的日常生活当中去”,B.K. Yoon说到。


根据Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 和Parks Associate的一项调查显示,13%拥有宽带的家庭已经拥有至少一件智能家居设备,20%打算一年内购买一件或多件智能家居设备。据CEA估计,2014年智能家居设备出货量达2070万。








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