• Core application

    IGOO core applications include Lightsong Player, Lightsong Artist, Lightsong Store and IGOOapp Store.

    Users can easily operate the Lightsong Player without reading manual due to user-friendly interface. Slide to the left from homepage, you will find other apps. Built-in apps include Settings, Lightsong Artist, Lightsong Store, IGOOapp Store. Tap Setting button to set time, date and language.

    Lightsong Artist, Lightsong Store, IGOOapp Store are the key applications.

  • Lightsong Player

    There are 8 categories of lightsongs in Lightsong Player, including living, sleeping, education, dining, partying, romance, music and phototherapy.

    You will see 9 types of function menu bar, timing, brightness level, sound volume adjustment and button of turning on and turning off when you enter the homepage.

    The first default lightsong under the directory will be played automatically if you slightly touch any button among nine functions; if you want to enter the directory of classified lightsong to elaborately select lightsong, you can press the button for a long time and enter corresponding lightsong directory list.

  • Living

    Living lightsongs include lightsongs suitable for reading, relaxing and exercising.

    IGOO smart light creates the unprecedented experience for reading. There is no shadow and dark space when you read in any direction. It is very uniform and soft. Light of different temperatures in four seasons will adapt to change of season. It is full of fun if you do housework in the wonderful lightsong of IGOO. In addition, you will have new experience if you do yoga, gymnastics, Tai Ji and running. When you take photo with your beloved ones, the skin of girl will be as that of the fairy. You will own unforgettable beautiful photos in your lifetime.

  • Sleeping

    The sleeping category is made up of sleeping aid, awakening and the night light.

    According to the theory of human physiology and targeting to meet the demands of different users, the sleeping functions are developed to help users fall asleep better and provide the night lights at night.

    Sleeping aid According to light therapy researches and referring to the sleeping mode of human beings, IGOO designs the scientific method to assist in sleeping which tranquilizes people’s mind, makes people truly relax and allows the body and mind to fall asleep simultaneously. Selecting simple light music and gradually reducing the volume and brightness during repeated playing, our lightsongs bring people into a fully relaxed environment in terms of audition. What’s more, the light gradually turns from bright to dark and finally disappears, from cold to warm over 5 minutes. Targeting to different groups of people, we choose different light colors and methods. According to experiments, users’ sleeping quality is gradually improved after daily use.

    Awakening It is proved by medical researches that gradual brightening light is helpful for the body surface temperature to recover to the level of being awake, so that people can wake up more naturally and easily. However, as clocks’ ringing doesn’t have the function, usually people feel uncomfortable after woken up and need a long time to adapt to the condition of being awake.

    In accordance with light therapy researches and human bodies’ Awakening physiology, the Awakening mode specially designs some natural Awakening methods by imitating natural ways such as cocks’ crows and birds’ chirping. Combined with beautiful music, the gradually brightened light can wake people up comfortably—IGOO Smartlamp creates revolutionary waking up experience for users.

    The night light As the brightness of ordinary family lamps can’t be conveniently adjusted, people’s eyes are easily irritated by bright light when Awakening in darkness and opening the lamps and in the meantime, our body functions are influenced as well. Considering this situation, the night light makes up for it by providing weak light, with which users can get up and go to the toilet more comfortably without disturbing others. What’s more, the night light also provides a warm and sweet company at night for users scare of dark night. It will accompany you to fall asleep and welcome the arrival of dawn.
  • Education

    The education category is divided into prenatal education, parenting and study.

    Prenatal educationIt is proved by medical researches that in bright and comfortable light environment with light and soft music, pregnant women are in peaceful and good mood and keep active brain waves. In this case, the fetuses receive plenty of positive mood stimulation, which can effectively benefit the development of their brains. The prenatal education lightsongs allow the mothers-to-be and their little babies to happily and relaxingly finish prenatal education together in the beautiful atmosphere.

    Parenting Referring to the researches of children’s cognition development, babies from 0 to 3 years old exposing to all kinds of colors and patterns is helpful to their brains’ cognition development. In this way, the parenting lightsongs promise you and your babies beautiful growing space.

    Study It is widely known among fathers and mothers that children’s insight is mostly influenced by the light during studying. Besides, proper study and rest cycle can better protect eyes and improve efficiency. With IGOO, there is no need to worry if the study light is reasonable or if the child is too engaged in study and thus forgets to take a break regularly. In addition to providing even, soft, shadow-free and comfortable reading light, the study lightsongs can automatically switch to 10 minutes relaxed rest mode by playing soothing music and gently changing patterns after every 40 minutes study, and then automatically change back to study mode when time is up. Repeatedly in this way, the study mode helps your children to develop good study and rest habit, better protect their eyes and study more relaxingly and effectively.

  • Dining

    Dining is divided to lively and cozy according to different atmospheres of dining.
    Dining Lightsong can arouse people’s appetite. It is so convenient and optional to create romantic dinner for the beloved. It can be so joyous in the New Year’s Eve and brings incredible experience for you.
  • Partying

    Partying is divided to ardency and elegance

    Partying effect has designed various lightsongs of different effects for different kinds of Partyings. You can evade worldly noise when you experience the ardency and shock of pub and ballroom at home. It is hardly necessary for you to envy drinking party in the television, for IGOO can help you create the most suitable private drinking party with elegant atmosphere of a piece of waltz. You can be beautiful as well at home.

  • Romance

    Romance includes tenderness and passion

    Romance series provides romantic atmosphere for people, so various love atmospheres may be created, such as puppy love, in love or finally clotted deep love. IGOO provides romantic light environment for lovers, and adds to the glory of sexual life, making the beloved more harmonious and full of fun.

  • Music

    Music includes songs and music
    The light is completely integrated with music. Light makes music more beautiful and music makes light more sentimental, they add to each other’s splendor.
    It can bring a kind of brand new artistic appreciation for users.

    In September 3, the new prominent singer Sun Lijie released the first lightsong I Look to You, which made him become the first singer playing lightsong at large playhouses in history.

  • Phototherapy

    Phototherapy Lightsong is helpful for jet lag, insomnia treatment, adjustment to develop the healthy habit of keeping early hours and treatment of seasonal emotional disorder, etc. You have never experienced that light is so beneficial to health and can improve your health is such a natural way at home.

    It helps to secrete melatonin and thus easy to fall asleep by adjusting the light output of IGOO Smartlamp to 3 Lux below gradually before going to sleep. This is the scientific light mode of Sleeping.

    Medical research shows that light becoming bright gradually helps the body temperature and other indicators return to the awareness status, thus Awakening in a better state. Alarm clock does not have this kind of function. By adding blue light with a specific wavelength, IGOO Smartlamp can ease depression and cure seasonal affective disorder.

  • Lightsong Artist

    Lightsong Artist makes users able to experience the fun of making lightsong themselves and composing unique lightsong only belonging to themselves.

    The first software in history that can compose light songs
    Easy to compose a song with no knowledge of staff

    The first lightsong creation software in human history—Lightsong Artist is so simple that everyone can get the hang of it, and it has powerful functions to create excellent works. Few people can create music works, but almost everyone can create lightsong works.

    Lightsong is a new artistic form creatable for everyone in human history!

    The intelligent control will be embedded with Lightsong Artist software which is free of charge!
    It is also free of charge to download Lightsong Artist of PC version!
    It is also free of charge to download professional Lightsong Artist of PC version with powerful functions!

  • Lightsong Store

    Lightsong Store is an on-line digital media store launched and operated by IGOO, a unique lightsong effect store in global and an effect store first combining music with light.

    Lightsong Store is built in IGOO control. It is very convenient for users to browse and access IGOO Lightsong Store through PC computer and IGOO Smartlamp control to download or purchase interested lightsong, and then play lightsong of IGOO smart light control through IGOO Smartlamp control.

    There are more than 1000 pieces of Light Songs at present, mainly created by IGOO team.
    Future Lightsong is maily created by users, music companies, liberal professional Lightsong Artist, and professional hypnosis phototherapy lightsong is mainly created by professional research institutions, so lightsong of Lightsong Store will increase explosively, and we can foresee that some popular music in the future will be released with lightsong version.

    Lightsong Store is also a global sharing platform for users to upload their works. You can share with global users free of charge, and if your works are very excellent, you can apply to find a market in Lightsong Store.

    Lightsong is the soul of IGOO smart light, which helps each family to share happiness with global families, and makes IGOO smart light a product with soul and linked with the global rather than an isolated lifeless product.

    To know more about Lightsong Store

  • IGOOapp Store

    it’s not just the number that’s impressive. It’s the kinds of apps you’ll find. IGOO apps offer a better experience because they take advantage of the technologies built into the device. And all those apps are in one place, so they’re easy to access, easy to search, and easy to download — using IGOO Smartlamp control connecting to internet through WIFI and using the same IGOO ID.
    APP is mainly developed by IGOO team at present, and will be developed by the third Partying in the future, for example, game companies will develop games combining with lightsong, art training companies will develop courses of rhythm training and dance teaching combining with lightsong, psychologists will develop psychotherapy applications combining with lightsong, educational training agencies will develop early education applications for training children’s color, number, cognition by combining with Lightsong. IGOO smart light APP will become a new gold digging platform for application development of the third party.

    To know more about IGOOapp Store

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