• Features

  • Advanced Smart Control

    YYou can not only control the lamp by switch manually, but also remotely with the IGOO Smart Controller.

    In the morning, you can set an awakening light song that is manually timed to wake you up gently like a touch of sunshine. You can even time the smartlamp to light up evenings after work, as if your home has been waiting all day for your return. Fill your home with warmth & romance and every week set various times for the lamp to turn on and off by itself.

    The brightness, temperature and color of the lights can be controlled remotely by hand or automatically by downloading pre-set light songs from our Lightsong Store. With easy to use touch screen options, you can enjoy the experience of controlling light so freely and indiscriminately at home.

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  • Light songs dancing with life

    IGOO has eight categories of light songs including living, sleeping, dining, education, partying, romance, music and phototherapy. No matter what life scene or mood you are in, you can choose an appropriate kind of light presence. It is so convenient that you can change and create an alternate atmosphere in the privacy of your own home.

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  • Creating light songs as freely as you wish

    The creation software of light effects is embedded into the controller of the IGOO smartlamp called Lightsong Artist. This application allows users to compose light songs immediately. Perhaps a romantic light song of love for you and your beloved? Without learning or reading any instructions; even the musically untalented can compose a light song and engage their own potential art intuition.

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  • Sharing light songs with ease

    The Lightsong Store is also embedded into the IGOO Smart Controller. Through Wi-Fi, you can seamlessly connect to the light song store, choose your favorite light song from thousands and upload your creative light songs conveniently to the Lightsong Store to share them with friends all over the world.
  • Light interacting with music

    IGOO Smartlamps perfectly realize the cooperative control of light and music. Through light songs, you will soon realize that light and music bring out the best in each other, enhance each other and are inseparable from one another. Experience the artistic feel of light and music. This strong artistic appeal can arouse your feelings better at home than that of any restaurant, club or concert venue.
  • Light of Health

    The sleeping light songs in IGOO Smartlamps can help you fall asleep and wake up gently. It can also help you beat jetlag, remedy insomnia, readjust your biological clock for optimum energy and cure seasonal affective disorder. You would have never known that the light at home is so beneficial to your health and can improve your health so naturally.
  • Light of Happiness

    IGOO Smartlamps can help you enjoy better meal times, reading, fitness, and idle time besides help you own better sleep.

    IGOO Smartlamps can help you influence better emotions and under IGOO Smartlamp you are more radiant. What's more incredible? IGOO Smartlamps can help your love life become more sweeter and romantic.

    You would have never known that light is so intimate with happiness and excitement that immediately fills your mind with passion and imagination.

  • Futuristic Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

    The body of the IGOO Smartlamp is a postmodern sculpture, whilst the controller is a simple, tech savvy design. This is a product from the future; a masterpiece that integrates modern day technology with postmodern art.

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  • Lightsong Player: so easy to control light and life colors

    Lightsong Player, the basic software built into the IGOO Smartlamp controller, operates as soon as the controller starts up. You can also jump back to the Lightsong Player by pressing the "Home" button. With an extremely easy user-friendly interface, users can operate it intuitively without reading any instructions. The eight categories of light songs is also straightforward. It's very convenient to operate between living and dining categories or any light song category.

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  • Lightsong Store: making IGOO Smartlamp light songs more and more colorful.

    Light songs are recommended on the home screen; new works and hot light songs are recommended below. You can choose light songs by categories and also search them by name. If you are interested, you can also have a look at the "paid" and best free light song charts.

    The Lightsong Store is also a global sharing platform, where every user can upload their creative works and can share them with users all over the world freely. If your work is great, you can apply to sell it in the Lightsong Store.

    Light songs are the soul of IGOO Smartlamp. It can help every family to share their happiness with families all over the world. It makes IGOO Smartlamp not only an isolated and inanimate product but a product with soul to connect the whole world.

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  • IGOOapp Store: making IGOO Smartlamp more and more valuable

    Currently these apps are primarily developed by the IGOO team, but in the future it will be developed mainly by third-party companies. For example, game companies will develop games integrated with light song technology, art training companies will develop courses of rhythem training and dancing integrated with lightsongs and psychologists will develop psychological applications combining light song technology. Educational institutions will develop early childhood development apps combining light songs to cultivate children's cognitive development of colors, numbers, etc.

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  • RosyCloud: it can be recovered freely and enable you to sync and share your light songs

    RosyCloud is embedded into your IGOO Smartlamp controller. As long as you open RosyCloud and keep the controller connected to the Internet, the light songs in your controller will be saved to the RosyCloud automatically.

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