• RosyCloud is cloud exclusively for IGOO smartlamp.

    You can enable RosyCloud and will have music space of 2.5G for free. You can upload music from your PC or Android smartphones to your RosyCloud space. Lightsong Artist embedded in IGOO smartlamp control enables you to download your favorite music from your RosyCloud space and create your favorite lightsongs.

    Next step, RosyCloud lightsong space will be released.

    Further,the following RosyCloud functions will be released:

  • If lightsongs in your control are lost accidently, the ones saved in the RosyCloud will be automatically updated to your control. In the event of having bought a new IGOO Smartlamp, you can automatically sync the lightsongs in the RosyCloud to the new control.

    If you want to share your lightsongs with your friends far away, you can make lightsongs in the RosyCloud automatically send to their ICOO, excluding the lightsongs you bought, of course.

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