• Postmodern Designed Body

    The lamp body, adopting a postmodern designed style, is in whole eloquently white. It's simply beautiful and soft modeling makes it perfectly fitting into the warm family atmosphere and a noticeable piece of sculptured art.

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  • Modern Day Designed Controller

    You can not only control the lamp by switch manually, but also remotely with our smart controller. In the morning, the awakening light song wakes you up gently like a touch of sunshine. After work in the evening, the smartlamp in your house will light up automatically, awaiting for your return. Isn't this full of warmth and romance? Each week you can set different times to turn on and off the lamps. Secondly, the brightness, temperature and color of the lights can be continuously controlled by hand or automatically which is so smooth that you would have never experienced the control of lights so freely and indiscriminately at home.

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  • Craft of Artwork Making

    The controller of the IGOO Smartlamp adopts a simple style of modern design; appearing delicate, feeling sharp and soft. The elegant IGOO white consummates craftsmanship of postmodern sculpture art works.
  • "It is because we care about you that we are demanding for all details"

    Rotatable Power Cable
    The rotatable body can adjust the lighting position of the lamp, thus creating various effects. The power cord can also adjust the lighting angle in an elegant way.

    Stable Reliability
    The lamb body and smart controller of the smartlamp communicates with each other through Bluetooth.

    Beautifully Designed Package
    Enclosed in a styrofoam shell within the package to optimize customers' shipping experience and delivery

  • Cutting-Edge Optical System

    The lamp, with 64 LEDs in each being controlled separately, can produce 1 trillion kinds of colors or patterns .

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  • Most Advanced 80W LED

    Surprising Stereo System

    Quick BT (Blurtooth) and WiFi

    The lamp can be adjusted continuously from 0 to 80W with a maximum power of 80W and maximum flux of 3800 lumina. With a white light efficiency being 1.5 times that of energy-saving lamps and 6 times that of incandescent lamps and a better colored light efficiency, the lamp can fully meet the living and reading requirements of a 10 to 25 square metered room.
    The lamp body is equipped with a stereo system whose power is 5 W. The remote has an audio out from which a convenient connection to the home audio system can be made.
    Bluetooth is used in connection with the lamp body and remote while Wi-Fi is used to connect to the Internet and store.
  • Ultra Strong CPU; long lasting standby time

    Ultra-clear display screen and ultra-sensitive touch screen

    The Smartlamp control is equipped with a long 1.2 GHz dual core CPU and has a 4 GB storage space that can store more than 1000 light songs. The runtime is a critical factor. Its' battery can work continuously for 20 hours; its' standby time can be up to 25 days.
    The lamp has a 4-inch ultra-sensitive capacitive touch screen and an IPS display screen with whole perspective.

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  • User Interface: intuitively easy

    Patent Family: a new market

    The Lightsong Player has a user-friendly interface which can be easily operated through intuitions rather than instructions. The light songs are directly classified into eight categories for your convenience.
    It took our IGOO team 10 years to prepare and develop this product. We have been working in almost a crazy way in these years trying to create a great product, thus making it difficult for other products to go beyond. We have applied for 22 Chinese and international patents, among which four have been approved. These include basic patterns of multi point lighting of curved surface, file format of light songs, synchronization control technique of lights & music and secondary mixing method of lighting. We firmly believe that other companies have no way to enter the new market created by us.
  • Color White
    Size/Weight Length 126mm
    Width 62.5mm
    Depth 10.7mm
    Weight 0.12kg
    Capacity Flash capacity: 4 GB
    CPU Dual core, up to 1.2GHz
    Display IPS screen
    16.7M colors
    4 inches (diagonal)
    800x480 resolution
    800:1 contrast ratio (standard)
    320cd/m2 maximum brightness (standard)
    Wireless 802.11 b/g/n WLAN
    Battery Lithium-ion battery 2500mAh
    Standby time: Up to 720 hours
    Internet use: Up to 20 hours on WLAN
    Audio playback: Up to 20 hours
    Sound stereophonic
    Color White
    Size/Weight Height 1800mm
    Maxmum diameter: 315mm (bottom)
    Minimum diameter:42mm (middle)
    Weight: 10kg
    Power (LED) LED color: red, green, blue and white
    LED total power: 80W (Max)
    Capacity Flash capacity: 4GB
    CPU Master frequency:120MHz
    Wireless bluetooth: v2.1+EDR
    File format lightsong (.ils)
    Stereo system 2.2W*2(4Ω)
    Power supply AC100V--AC220V
    Sensor temperature sensor

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