• I easily bring a revolution to the lights in my family.

    Light is so important to a family at night. A myriad of family lights have been invented in history including different kinds of oil lamps, candles, filament lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps and LEDs. However, during the past thousands of years, the effects of our family lights remain unchanged, so does the control mode. Today, I have changed it completely,which have made my family more beautiful, my mood more cheerful and brought more surprise to life.
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  • It is so dark outside when we come back home at night in winter. But it makes me warm deep in heart every time when I am embraced by the warm light indoor and greeted by the beautiful melody.
  • The more colorful the life is, the richer the lightsong will be.

  • I can also compose a lightsong for my beloved

  • The lightsong in my family is so attractive that my friends can share my joy immediately.

    I love music. It is so intoxicating when the music is tinged with colors.

  • I feel more energetic every day as I sleep more soundly and wake up more sweetly.

  • I am in a better mood, especially when our love is so fantastic. I love her more than ever.

  • It is easy to handle since it can be controlled intuitively.

    It is an artwork which softens the space at home.

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