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At CES, a funky-looking Wi-Fi LED lamp that plays music

LAS VEGAS -- Boring lighting is so passé. At least, that's what the folks at Igoo must think. Their $800 Wi-Fi Smartlamp, packed with color-changing LEDs and dual-sided built-in speakers, definitely isn't dull. We took a look here at the 2015 International CES.

The first obvious departure is the design of the lamp itself. It's white and curvy, with LEDs that face upward toward the ceiling.

The LEDs are color-changing and dimmable so you can set the mood and the brightness. Not only can you play music, but the Igoo Smartlamp has a separate controller -- an app is currently in the works -- with preprogrammed settings like dining, living, sleeping, education, reading, phototherapy, partying and romance.

Sixty-four different LEDs are supposedly crammed into the Smartlamp, so there are a ton of different color and pattern options. The dimmer allows you to transition from the off position to the equivalent of an 80W incandescent bulb, which Igoo claims is perfectly suitable for reading.

The different "scenes" available through the controller are supposed to set the ambiance for pretty much any activity, and you can transition between them with a simple press of the controller. The controller has 4GB of room, giving you the chance to store additional songs that you download from Igoo's Lightsong Store as you see fit.

The Igoo Smartlamp is available now online and at the Los Angeles Experience Center. Want to know what else is happening at CES 2015? Find out here.

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