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IGOO smartlamp Opens US Flagship Store

IGOO smartlamp, the unprecedented home lighting system based in Shanghai, China is bringing their innovative smartlamp design overseas with the launch of IGOO's first US flagship store, located at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Opening December 1, 2014, the IGOO Experience Center is a sleek and modern 1,937 square foot space, designed to provide customers with a dramatic setting in which to experience the smartlamp's mesmerizing "Lightsongs"settings that create a desired atmosphere using advanced lighting control and technology.

Featuring 64 LED lights, the 5'9" IGOO Smartlamps flood four adjacent rooms with vibrant colors and patterns that cater to various aspects of home life, including "Living", "Sleeping", "Dining", "Education", "Partying", "Romance", "Music" and "Phototherapy". IGOO experts are on-hand to guide customers through each of these incredibly unique "Lightsong" experiences, and explain the added physical and psychological benefits they provide. IGOO has a controller that communicates with the smartlamp body via Bluetooth, allowing you to control the light remotely. IGOO also offers a "Lightsong" store and an IGOO app store where you can download "Lightsongs" using the smart controller directly and easily. IGOO smartlamp is a revolution in home lighting, with 4 patents granted and another 22 pending. This lamp encourages both health and happiness.



Medical research proves that it's easier to fall asleep under gradually weakening light and wake up under gradually brightening. Using the "Sleep" setting, IGOO smartlamp creates revolutionary sleep assistance. What's more, the smartlamp is specially designed with "Lightsongs" to help children sleep, synching the dimming light with lullabies and fairytales. IGOO smartlamp also creates a soothing night light atmosphere for users.


The IGOO Smartlamp "Dining" experience offers more than ambiance. By using the advanced light settings, this innovative device can actually stimulate your appetite, in addition to creating the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal. Choose from one of the IGOO "Dining" options, or easily create your own "Lightsong".


Set the mood with IGOO's unprecedented "Romance" experience. In seconds, you can seamlessly create a passionate and highly customizable atmosphere for any occasion.


The IGOO "Partying" experience is truly unique. Using Bluetooth technology, the smartlamp can incorporate individual playlists that sync with your music to create one impressive party atmosphere.


Protect your eyes with the IGOO "Reading" experience, which offers a balance of soft white light, specifically designed for reading. Equally diffused throughout the room, the "Reading" light eliminates any shadows without feeling like you're under a spotlight. By adjusting the settings throughout the seasons, the IGOO smartlamp is proven to reduce strain on the eyes while reading and working on a day-to-day basis.

IGOO smartlamp

The IGOO smartlamp, which retails for $799, is ideal for lighting a 10 to 25 square meter room, and can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 80W luminance with a maximum flux of 3800 luminance. With white light efficiency that is 1.5 times that of a typical energy-efficient lampand 6 times that of an incandescent lampIGOO minimizes cost while bypassing all other home lighting systems. The smart controller makes it possible to activate your lamp remotely as well as download and create different "Lightsongs" in seconds. It has a 1.2GHZ dual-core Central Processing Unit, 4GB of storage space (enough to store over one thousand "Lightsongs"), Wi-Fi capabilities and an IPS display screen.


The IGOO Experience Center is now open on the 6th floor of the Beverly Center at #6618, 8500 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048. For lighting that provides shadow-free reading, assists sleep, makes parties fabulous and can even improve your love life, visit the Experience Center or the IGOO website at Whatever mood you are in, you can always create the perfect ambience with the IGOO smartlamp!


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