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Smartlamp, a Revolutionary Home Lighting Product, Launches--REUTERS

Smartlamp, a Revolutionary Home Lighting Product, Launches
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SHANGHAI, Oct. 16, 2013 / -- At the beginning of September, IGOO ( ceremoniously launched the Smartlamp, a revolutionary home lighting product, in Shanghai. Light is the origin of human civilization. For thousands of years, humans have invented various lighting devices such as oil lamps, candle lamps, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and LED lighting. However, both the effect and control of these home lighting devices have been not changed greatly.

The Smartlamp has broken through and created the following seven core functions of home lighting:

.Lighting effects
.Create lighting effects
.Share lighting effects
.Lighting that interacts with music
.Helps to improve health
.Helps to improve happiness

For example, after people come home from work at night, a Smartlamp in their house can automatically light up in anticipation of their arrival. If people want a romantic supper, they can select a romantic dining Lightsong (a term created by IGOO). The Smartlamp has eight categories of Lightsong: Living, Sleeping, Awakening, Dining, Partying, Loving, Music and Phototherapy. People can select an appropriate Lightsong no matter what lifestyle they lead or what mood they are in. People also can freely create their own Lightsong because the IGOO Smartlamp controller is equipped with built-in lighting effect creation software, allowing people to easily create personalized Lightsongs of their own and upload them to the Lightsong Store to share with global users. The Smartlamp has achieved a perfect interaction between light and music. Lightsong is a new artistic form, in which light makes music more beautiful and music makes light more affectionate. The sleeping and awakening Lightsongs can make people have a sound sleep, and the phototherapy Lightsong can help people adjust to time differences and cure their insomnia, making it the light of human health. In addition, light is closely linked with emotions, and the Smartlamp can help people enjoy meals, parties and their love lives in a better way, making it the light of human happiness.

The breakthrough and creation of these eight functions are unprecedented for traditional home lighting devices, so the Smartlamp has initiated the real revolution of home lighting. IGOO ( has applied for 22 Chinese and international patents for the Smartlamp, and four of these patents have been authorized. All in all, the smartlamp does not belong to the traditional lamp and lantern industry anymore but the consumer electronics industry in which digital TVs, tablet PCs, and smartphones belong. The Smartlamp is a completely new member in the consumer electronics industry and an original revolutionary product that will serve families in the world.




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