• The reasons why you love IGOO Smartlamp

    IGOO users are crazy in love with their IGOO, which makes their reading more comfortable, dinner more romantic, sleep sweeter and love more beautiful…
    IGOO Smartlamp is particularly easy to use…

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  • Future style design and cutting-edge technology

    IGOO Smartlamp body is a postmodern sculpture,while the control is of simple modern style. This is a product from the future, in which postmodern meets modern and technology is integrated with art…

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  • Advanced smart control

    It is more convenient with remote control by Bluetooth and more relaxed with automatic control of lights; synchronous control of light and music enables lightsong to be a new art form and to touch people’s heart more easily and LED lighting adjustment control brings you limitless beautiful colors.

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  • Lightsong dancing with life

    IGOO Smartlamp gives light effect a more appropriate and romatic name: lightsong. Lightsongs are divided into 8 categories, including living, sleeping, dining, partying,education, romance, music and phototherapy. No matter what life scene or mood you are in, you can always choose an appropriate lightsong.

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  • Creating lightsongs as freely as you wish

    The creation software of light effect embedded into the control of IGOO Smartlamps is called Lightsong Artist, with whose help you can compose lightsongs immediately, a romantic lightsong of love belonging to you and your beloved without learning or reading any instructions; maybe you cannot make music, but you must be able to compose a lightsong.

    To know more about features of IGOO Smartlamp


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